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Welcome to a New Approach to Peacebuilding

Coalition Peace

International Network, Local Sustainable Peacebuilding

Our Mission

We plan to harness the expertise of existing peacebuilders into a centralised portal for greater global impact, led by communities. Fundamentally, we work to bring together organisations from around the world to form an international coalition, sharing and combining expert-driven research. We then plan to put this knowledge into practice through a peace and capacity building app, accessible free of charge to communities and local led peace initiatives across the world. We do not believe that conflict resolution should be one-size-fits-all, and our technology reflects this by adapting to each situation and community.

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Developing best-practice for community-driven peacebuilding by bringing together local partners around the world to collaboratively input research outputs, training toolkits and resources, reinforced by Coalition Peace-led research outputs.

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Long Grass

Putting this research into practice through a tech portal, the Long Grass, accessible for free, with online/offline capability, to local NGOs, individuals and communities, in order to encourage integration, dialogue and training.

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Personal Peacebuilding Assistant

Local communities coordinate with their PPA through Long Grass to collaboratively define bespoke monthly peacebuilding agendas for members, also providing access to experts and mediators ad-hoc.

Join the Coalition

Whether you are an NGO or specialist focussed on peacebuilding, a community looking to strengthen your resilience to conflict, or a company with the skills to support us, we would like to hear from you. Help us to spread the word of Coalition Peace. Drive forward the ethos of sustainable peacebuilding.

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Coalition Partners

Register your or your organisation to become a Partner in our collaborative peacebuilding community, share your experiences and contribute your research, resources or toolkits to the Long Grass.

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Community Members

Register yourself, your community or your NGO as a Community Member so you can access training and support resources through the Long Grass or request direct mediation support.

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Become an Expert

Register your interest, specialities and research focuses to join our Network of Experts and Mediators.

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Support Us

Become a Coalition Peace Sustainability Partner by pitching skills, time or funds from yourself or your company to help Coalition Peace grow.