It is not always easy to have a conversation

After periods of conflict or instability, trust and integration in communities can be decimated. Due to this, it is not always easy to sit down with somebody and just have a conversation. Leaving such tensions and divides to fester means that the root causes of past instability are never really tackled, and the community becomes vulnerable to a resurgence of conflict.

Peacebuilding, trust building and reconciliation do not happen overnight. They are long-term projects which filter through communities and through generations.

Conflict will always be a threat to our stability. But we can minimise that threat. We must start thinking with foresight, rather than with reaction, by focussing on limiting the outbreak of conflict through sustainable reconciliation programmes. The Coalition Peace ethos advocates: better peacebuilding, than peacekeeping.

Our Solution

Coalition Peace, through the Long Grass, provides communities with plans that are tried and tested by NGOs and researchers, but which can be personalised to their specific need, context and community. The technology is geared towards people who may or may not have the infrastructure of a local NGO to be able to facilitate dialogue and reconciliation in a community. Instead, this portal will enable local communities to develop the infrastructure towards community-building themselves.

By investing in community-driven peacebuilding and reconciliation programmes, people can build their own resilience to instability. This will minimise the demand for reactionary funding when conflict outbreaks, minimise reliance on NGOs and help countries to move beyond peace spells, into sustainable peace.